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Student Employment Success Is Just As Important As Financial Aid

Is it better for students to receive 20, 40 or 60 thousand dollars in Financial Aid in the form of Student Loans or obtain the information, training and guidance that greatly increases their chances of landing A Job that pays 40, 50 or 60 thousand dollars a year? Of course it would be great if a college would do both. However, there are comparisons that can tell us where your college stands on this issue. Where does your college put its money and its personnel? Total Financial Aid Dollars (Dept. Budget, Scholarships & Student Loans) vs. Total Career Services Dollars (Dept. Budget) Number of People who work in the Financial Aid Dept. vs. Number who work in the Career Services Dept. Number of Students who Receive Financial assistance from the Financial Aid Dept. vs. Number who receive Job Search Preparation assistance from Career Services This raises many other questions: 1. When a student receives financial aid in the form of Student Loans, but is not prepared to conduct an effective Job Search Campaign and therefore does not receive a job offer that pays enough to live on their own and pay back their loans, is that student successful? 2. Would students be better off receiving $40,000 in Student Loans (Financial Aid) or $40,000 in Job Search Preparation assistance? 3. When allowed to pick only one, how many students would prefer to receive Financial Aid in the form of Student Loans and how many would prefer to Land a Good Job when they graduate? 4. How many students receive Financial Aid in the form of Student Loans, but end up accepting jobs that force them to live at home and struggle to pay back their loans? 5. How does a student benefit from Financial Aid, if they can't land a good paying job? 6. Are Student Loans really Financial Aid or are they actually a Financial Burden for most students? 7. How much money (Scholarship Money and Other Money) does your college give to students that does not require them to pay it back? 8. How much Financial Aid money at your college comes in the form of Student Loans and must be paid back by students? 9. At your college, what is the ratio of financial aid money that does not have to be paid back - to - the amount of financial aid money that does have to be paid back by students? Of course, some students receive Financial Aid in the form of Student Loans and also Land Good Jobs. However, many solid students who receive Financial Aid Loans that must be paid back are not able to land a Good Job. That leaves too many recent grads struggling to launch their careers and get on their feet financially. The Most Important Question: When a college grad must accept a job that pays $20,000 or $25,000, one often unrelated to his/her area of interest, how long will it take that person to catch up (Financially and Career Wise) with a student who immediately lands a job in his/her chosen field that pays $45,000+ per year? The Answer: Unfortunately, most students will take a long, long time to catch up. It is for that reason that colleges must change their approaches to and concern for Job Search Preparation. There is only one reason why colleges emphasize Financial Aid in the form of Student Loans over Job Search Preparation. We see that reason in action every day. Since a good education does not automatically lead to a good job, there are things that college students should be doing to enhance their employment prospects. However, students need help with this. It should be obvious that student employment success must be given a much higher position on the priority list of college leaders. Without a good job, students will be greatly hampered in their quest for career, financial and personal success. Bob Roth, a former campus recruiter, is the author of five books, including: A Successful Senior Year Job Search Begins In The Freshman Year. Known as The "College & Career Success" Coach, Bob writes articles for College Career Services Offices, Campus Newspapers, Parent Associations and Employment Web Sites. Bob has created The Job Search Preparation System™ for colleges to use to help students find greater success in the job market. Visit Bob's web site Article Source:

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